Smith, Charles E. - S/Sgt

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S/Sgt Smith served with the following crewman: T/Sgt William P. Ameen, Sgt Joseph T. Bolan, 2nd Lt David W. Bradfute, S/Sgt Frank E. Breggia, Sgt Glenn L. Brockway, S/Sgt Thomas J. Brown Jr, 2nd Lt Raymond G. Burns, T/Sgt William F. Busher, 2nd Lt Theodore Chapman, T/Sgt Joseph A. Concino, 1st Lt Louis E. Cooper, S/Sgt Frederick L. Cope, S/Sgt Lewis A. Crosby, 1st Lt Lawrence T. Cummings, 2nd Lt Benedict R. D'Agostini, S/Sgt Alfhonso A. De Muro, T/Sgt Walter E. Dengler, Sgt William M. Duke, 2nd Lt George O. Ellis, S/Sgt Orville A. Eudaley, 1st Lt William F. Grimm, Sgt Charles M. Gue, S/Sgt Jewell L. Hall, 2nd Lt Lloyd C. Harveson, 1st Lt William B. Huegin, 1st Lt Herman K. Huesgen, 1st Lt Harold E. Hughes, S/Sgt David A. Jaranson, Sgt Kenneth A. Jeter, S/Sgt Oliver J. Kressler Jr., Sgt Ralph I. Lawrence, Capt Stephen J. Lozinski, 1st Lt William J. Mann, T/Sgt Cyril I. Martin, 1st Lt Wilbert H. McElvain, 2nd Lt Willard C. McMullen, Sgt Kenneth V. Moore, Sgt Edward L. Page, Major Melvin J. Pfund, S/Sgt Robert R. Reed, 1st Lt John A. Root, 1st Lt Alfred A. Rosenquist, 1st Lt Louis S. Rush, S/Sgt William D. Sartor, S/Sgt Myron W. Sexton, S/Sgt Bascom B. Sherrill Jr., 1st Lt Kaye M. Spansel, Sgt Robert L. Wheeler, S/Sgt Charles J. Wilson and 2nd Lt John R. Zacamy

Recorded Missions

No Missions were found.