Webb, Fred H. - S/Sgt

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S/Sgt Fred H. Webb flew 3 missions, from 02/25/1944, mission #28, to 03/06/1944, mission #32. He served as a Engr / Top Turret.

S/Sgt Webb served with the following crewman: S/Sgt William C. Cameron, Sgt Clarence S. Conerty, 2nd Lt Ralph R. E'Del, 2nd Lt Edward C. Jones, 2nd Lt Claude M. Kolb, Sgt L.A. Podlasek, Sgt Luther A. Raymer, 1st Lt Emmett S. Sutton and S/Sgt Edward Wallach

Recorded Missions

102/25/1944 Augsburg (#28) 42-31091 Maggie Claude M. Kolb Crew #1
203/04/1944 Cologne (#31) (Unknown) Claude M. Kolb Crew #1
303/06/1944 Berlin/Templin (#32) 42-38136 Claude M. Kolb Crew #1