E'Del, Ralph R. - 2nd Lt

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2nd Lt Ralph R. E'Del flew 3 missions, from 02/25/1944, mission #28, to 03/06/1944, mission #32. He served as a Navigator.

2nd Lt E'Del served with the following crewman: S/Sgt William C. Cameron, Sgt Clarence S. Conerty, 2nd Lt Edward C. Jones, 2nd Lt Claude M. Kolb, Sgt L.A. Podlasek, Sgt Luther A. Raymer, 1st Lt Emmett S. Sutton, S/Sgt Edward Wallach and S/Sgt Fred H. Webb

Recorded Missions

102/25/1944 Augsburg (#28) 42-31091 Maggie Claude M. Kolb Crew #1
203/04/1944 Cologne (#31) (Unknown) Claude M. Kolb Crew #1
303/06/1944 Berlin/Templin (#32) 42-38136 Claude M. Kolb Crew #1