Ward, Charles A. - Sgt

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Sgt Charles A. Ward flew 7 missions, from 03/04/1945, mission #222, to 04/19/1945, mission #253. He served as a Right Waist Gunner and Waist Gunner.

Sgt Ward served with the following crewman: S/Sgt Thomas H. Barr, 1st Lt William M. Bruce, 2nd Lt Raymond J. Callahan, 2nd Lt Jerry A. Coats Jr., 2nd Lt Hall T. Connell Sr., 2nd Lt Byran L. Cosden, S/Sgt James E. Douglas, S/Sgt Donald R. Dunn, Sgt Norris C. Floyd, Sgt John E. Grenillion, 2nd Lt Carl L. Hoag Jr., Sgt Lawrence B. Landery, T/Sgt Marvin Luchfeld, Sgt William T. Mabrey, 1st Lt Frederick N. Maire, Cpl Edson C. McCormick, 1st Lt Charles A. Nomberger, Sgt Frank J. Nowak, S/Sgt Chestar C. Peltz, 2nd Lt Edward O. Reinhard, S/Sgt William F. Smith, Sgt Edward F. Swatski, 2nd Lt Donald L. Voltz, Sgt Clifford W. Weigel and S/Sgt Bernard D. Weinstein

Recorded Missions

103/04/1945 Schwabmunchen (#222) 44-6464 Prop Wash Edward O. Reinhard Crew #1
204/07/1945 Luneburg (#243) 42-97322 Mister Completely Edward O. Reinhard Crew #1
304/08/1945 Halberstadt (#244) 42-107151 Cover Girl Edward O. Reinhard Crew #1
404/09/1945 Furstenfeldbruck (#245) 43-38646 Edward O. Reinhard Crew #1
504/11/1945 Freihan (#247) 43-38677 Edward O. Reinhard Crew #1
604/14/1945 Royan (#248) 43-38425 Net Results Edward O. Reinhard Crew #1
704/19/1945 Falkenburg (#253) 43-38425 Net Results Edward O. Reinhard Crew #1