Kneese, Howard S. - Sgt

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Sgt Howard S. Kneese flew 2 missions, from 03/02/1944, mission #29, to 03/08/1944, mission #33. He served as a Right Waist Gunner and Tail Gunner.

Sgt Kneese served with the following crewman: 2nd Lt Alfred L. Autry, Sgt Frank O. Bailey, 2nd Lt William R. Cole, 2nd Lt Robert K. Creed, Sgt Robert L. Delgieno, 2nd Lt Elmer W. Engelhardt, S/Sgt Robert T. Gordon, 2nd Lt Harley O. Honeberger, Sgt Joseph C. Jay, S/Sgt John B. Kuntz, Sgt Kenneth I. Mace, T/Sgt Richard W. Macomber, 2nd Lt George G. Morse, Sgt Arthur R. Newell, 2nd Lt Dale A. Peterson, S/Sgt Carl K. Seagren, 2nd Lt Francis L. Shaw and S/Sgt Kenneth A. Terroux

Recorded Missions

103/02/1944 Frankfurt (#29) 42-31315 Liberty Run Dale A. Peterson Crew #1
203/08/1944 Berlin/Erkner (#33) 42-31488 Shade Ruff Dale A. Peterson Crew #1