Tish, Oren J. - Sgt[Wiki]

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Sgt Oren J. Tish flew 1 missions, from 03/28/1945, mission #238, to 03/28/1945, mission #238. He served as a Waist Gunner.

Sgt Tish served with the following crewman: S/Sgt Lawrence Genauer, Sgt Robert W. Jacobson, Sgt Nick W. Loris, 2nd Lt John M. Maxwell Jr., 2nd Lt Joseph W. McCullough, Sgt Thomas P. McGurn, 2nd Lt Pascal Santora, 2nd Lt N.R. Schook and Sgt Robert G. Winterburn

Recorded Missions

103/28/1945 Berlin (#238) 43-37551 Joseph W. McCullough Crew #1