McMillan Jr., C.M. - 2nd Lt

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2nd Lt C.M. McMillan Jr. flew 1 missions, from 04/18/1945, mission #252, to 04/18/1945, mission #252. He served as a Pilot.

2nd Lt McMillan Jr. served with the following crewman: 2nd Lt Leonard A. Blees, Sgt William J. Donaldson, Sgt Eugene A. Herl, Sgt Charles R. McAuley, Sgt Donald M. Steele, Sgt Louis D. Stevens, 2nd Lt James R. Strong and 2nd Lt Samuel S. Wagstaff

Recorded Missions

104/18/1945 Traunstein (#252) 43-38565 Miss Gee Eyewanna Go Home C.M. McMillan Jr. Crew #1