Ambrogetti, Walter J. - Cpl

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Cpl Walter J. Ambrogetti flew 2 missions, from 09/10/1944, mission #141, to 09/17/1944, mission #144. He served as a Tail Gunner.

Cpl Ambrogetti served with the following crewman: Cpl John R. Browning, 2nd Lt Paul H. Clark, 2nd Lt Francis E. Cooke, Cpl Wilford M. Dahlin, Cpl Robert J. Johnson, 2nd Lt Frank W. Jorgensen, S/Sgt Joseph L. Page Jr., 2nd Lt C.R. Werner, Cpl William E. Weston and Flt O Paul F. Wittman

Recorded Missions

109/10/1944 Gaggenau (#141) 42-31863 Miss 'B' Haven Francis E. Cooke Crew #1
209/17/1944 Groesbeck (#144) 42-97872 Rosie's Sweat Box Francis E. Cooke Crew #1