Werner, C.R. - 2nd Lt

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2nd Lt C.R. Werner flew 2 missions, from 09/10/1944, mission #141, to 09/17/1944, mission #144. He served as a Navigator.

2nd Lt Werner served with the following crewman: Cpl Walter J. Ambrogetti, Cpl John R. Browning, 2nd Lt Paul H. Clark, 2nd Lt Francis E. Cooke, Cpl Wilford M. Dahlin, Cpl Robert J. Johnson, 2nd Lt Frank W. Jorgensen, S/Sgt Joseph L. Page Jr., Cpl William E. Weston and Flt O Paul F. Wittman

Recorded Missions

109/10/1944 Gaggenau (#141) 42-31863 Miss 'B' Haven Francis E. Cooke Crew #1
209/17/1944 Groesbeck (#144) 42-97872 Rosie's Sweat Box Francis E. Cooke Crew #1