Hutchison, Adolphus K. - S/Sgt

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S/Sgt Adolphus K. Hutchison flew 4 missions, from 05/09/1944, mission #66, to 05/13/1944, mission #69. He served as a Radio Operator.

S/Sgt Hutchison served with the following crewman: 2nd Lt James B. Boggs, S/Sgt Harry G. Bower, Pvt Mahlon W. Desso, 2nd Lt George K. Evans, 2nd Lt Wyndall La Casse, Sgt John R. Moultrie, Sgt William L. Patterson Jr., 2nd Lt Robert J. Rocco, Sgt Thomas H. Smith, 2nd Lt Sullivan N. Tonti, 1st Lt Irving Woliver and 1st Lt Irving Wolliver

Recorded Missions

105/09/1944 Luxembourg (#66) 42-97344 Carrie B II Sullivan N. Tonti Crew #1
205/11/1944 Kons Karthaus (#67) 42-97344 Carrie B II Sullivan N. Tonti Crew #1
305/12/1944 Merseburg (#68) 42-107043 Fitch's Bandwagon Sullivan N. Tonti Crew #1
405/13/1944 Stettin (#69) 42-39904 Bad Penny Sullivan N. Tonti Crew #1