Papazian, Stephen A. - S/Sgt[Wiki]

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S/Sgt Stephen A. Papazian flew 10 missions, from 08/01/1944, mission #120, to 01/13/1945, mission #195. He served as a Left Waist Gunner, Tail Gunner, Togglier and Waist Gunner.

S/Sgt Papazian served with the following crewman: 2nd Lt Donald W. Camfer, 2nd Lt Karl F. Carey, T/Sgt Hugh W. Charnes, 2nd Lt Eugene B. Colliss, S/Sgt John M. Corliss, 1st Lt Herman A. Dobbratz, 1st Lt Jeff N. Donaldson, Sgt Melvin C. Fisher, Cpl Leo M. Flynn, 1st Lt Donald F. Frazier, 2nd Lt James R. Frew, Flt O Fred M. Garton, 1st Lt John H. Jardine, 2nd Lt James B. Jensen, 2nd Lt William I. Johnston, Cpl Charles C. Jones, Capt Charles W. Keeling, Cpl James E. Kemp, S/Sgt Lloyd C. Kenagy, S/Sgt Robert C. Knox, T/Sgt Marvin E. Luchfeld, 1st Lt Reginald L. McLeod, T/Sgt Theodore H. Moller, S/Sgt Waverly W. Moore, Sgt Henry T. Odom, S/Sgt Albert L. Pico, T/Sgt Maurice G. Priest, Sgt Harold Quist, T/Sgt Robert E. Rowe, 2nd Lt James M. Rush, 1st Lt William M. Scanlon, 2nd Lt William A. Shackleford, 2nd Lt George R. Shullo, S/Sgt Franklin C. Skala, S/Sgt Donald E. Smith, S/Sgt Richard Truxell and 1st Lt Irving Woliver

Recorded Missions

108/01/1944 Chartres (#120) 42-31072 Betty J. William A. Shackleford Crew #1
208/03/1944 Strasbourg (#121) 42-31591 Homesick Angel William A. Shackleford Crew #1
308/04/1944 Anklam (#122) 42-107009 Lady Jane William A. Shackleford Crew #1
408/06/1944 Genshagen (#124) 44-6113 No. 2 Bandwagon William A. Shackleford Crew #1
508/09/1944 Luxembourg (#126) 42-97344 Carrie B II William A. Shackleford Crew #1
608/14/1944 Haggenau (#129) 42-107009 Lady Jane William A. Shackleford Crew #1
708/16/1944 Schkenditz (#130) 42-97344 Carrie B II William A. Shackleford Crew #1
808/24/1944 Weimar (#132) 42-31863 Miss 'B' Haven William A. Shackleford Crew #1
901/05/1945 Koblenz (#191) 43-38160 "Day And Night" Fred M. Garton Crew #1
1001/13/1945 Maximilliansau (#195) 44-6313 Budd's Dudds Fred M. Garton Crew #1