Cook, William R. - Cpl

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Cpl William R. Cook flew 2 missions, from 08/16/1944, mission #130, to 08/24/1944, mission #132. He served as a Ball Turret Gunner.

Cpl Cook served with the following crewman: 2nd Lt Eugene H. Cramer, 2nd Lt Melvin S. Fish, Sgt John W. Hanchak, 2nd Lt Leslie H. Hauss, Sgt James W. Huff, 2nd Lt Kenneth D. Lucas, Sgt Warren G. Smith and Sgt Melvin H. Warren

Recorded Missions

108/16/1944 Schkenditz (#130) 43-37736 Little Pedro Melvin S. Fish Crew #1
208/24/1944 Weimar (#132) 43-37511 Jill's Jalopy Melvin S. Fish Crew #1