Shereck, Adelbert D. - Sgt

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Sgt Adelbert D. Shereck flew 1 missions, from 02/16/1945, mission #209, to 02/16/1945, mission #209. He served as a Ball Turret Gunner.

Sgt Shereck served with the following crewman: 1st Lt Jeff N. Donaldson, Sgt James Fogleman, Sgt Michael Gagich, 1st Lt Thurman M. Geren, Sgt Jack M. Harrington, Sgt Gerald S. Harvey, 2nd Lt William W. Jeffers, 2nd Lt Joseph M. Maloney, Sgt William O. Streuter, Sgt Richard L. Summers and 2nd Lt Charles R. Wilson

Recorded Missions

102/16/1945 Gelsenkirchen (#209) 43-38187 Carrie B III Jeff N. Donaldson Crew #1