Byers, Donald C. - Sgt

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Sgt Donald C. Byers flew 1 missions, from 08/24/1944, mission #132, to 08/24/1944, mission #132. He served as a Togglier.

Sgt Byers served with the following crewman: Sgt Homer F. Arbogast, Sgt Robert E. Barron, 2nd Lt Maxwell M. Cain, 2nd Lt Robert E. Henderson, S/Sgt Paul E. Jameson, 2nd Lt James M. Pettus, S/Sgt Emil M. Spencer and S/Sgt Richard Truxell

Recorded Missions

108/24/1944 Weimar (#132) 42-97344 Carrie B II Maxwell M. Cain Crew #7