Alexander, Howard G. - Sgt

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Sgt Howard G. Alexander flew 2 missions, from 04/18/1945, mission #252, to 04/20/1945, mission #254. He served as a Ball Turret Gunner.

Sgt Alexander served with the following crewman: Sgt Robert J. Bujold, 2nd Lt Frederick C. Campau Jr., Cpl John R. Heck Jr., Sgt Burton R. Kirts, Flt O Glenn J. Leazlier, 2nd Lt George L. Shearer, Sgt Norman E. Slenstream and Flt O Thomas C. Welch

Recorded Missions

104/18/1945 Traunstein (#252) 42-97664 Aw Come On George L. Shearer Crew #1
204/20/1945 Brandenburg (#254) 43-38637 George L. Shearer Crew #1