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Capt Leon Stann flew 9 missions, from 11/26/1943, mission #1, to 08/01/1944, mission #120. He served as a Copilot and Pilot.

Capt Stann served with the following crewman: T/Sgt John L. Allen, S/Sgt Clarence H. Biggs, T/Sgt Emerson E. Bossley, 1st Lt Henry R. Briarton, Major Edwin W. Brown, 2nd Lt Charles W. Bryant, 2nd Lt Robert P. Cain, S/Sgt Arnold H. Carpenter, 2nd Lt Charles G. Chaffey, 2nd Lt Jack A. Duce, Sgt James E. Fahnestock, 2nd Lt Russell M. Fowler, 2nd Lt Alvin A. Gould, S/Sgt Dylin C. Gregory, 1st Lt Gerald E. Hansen, S/Sgt Morris C. Harp, S/Sgt James E. Holland, 2nd Lt James R. Irwin, S/Sgt William F. Jones Jr., T/Sgt Warren H. Jumper, Sgt Stephen F. Kloiber, S/Sgt Eldon E. Leavitt, 1st Lt William P. Maher, 2nd Lt William F. Maloney, 1st Lt Harry W. Meadville, T/Sgt Benjamin Z. Musser, 2nd Lt Stephen G. Nason, 2nd Lt Traian Neag, T/Sgt Clement W. Novak, S/Sgt Donald W. Ogborn, Capt Clinton J. Parr, S/Sgt Louis A. Perez, T/Sgt Robert L. Reedy, 1st Lt John U. Ridley Jr., S/Sgt Harvey W. Rieger, Lt Col Harris E. Rogner, 1st Lt William F. Savage, 1st Lt Roger F. Schlieper, 1st Lt Bryan M. Shotts, S/Sgt Donald H. Sonichsen, Sgt Robert C. Strong, T/Sgt Leland L. Swofford, T/Sgt Robert F. Wagner, S/Sgt Herbert P. Willman and 1st Lt Horace D. Wood

Recorded Missions

111/26/1943 Bremen (#1) (Unknown) Leon Stann Crew #1
212/01/1943 Solingen (#2) (Unknown) Leon Stann Crew #1
312/05/1943 Paris (#3) (Unknown) Leon Stann Crew #1
412/11/1943 Emden (#4) (Unknown) Leon Stann Crew #1
512/13/1943 Kiel (#5) (Unknown) Leon Stann Crew #1
612/22/1943 Osnabruck (#7) 42-31091 Maggie Leon Stann Crew #1
701/05/1944 Tours (#12) 42-31033 Pee-Tey-Kuh Leon Stann Crew #1
803/22/1944 Berlin (#41) 42-31081 Son of a Blitz Leon Stann Crew #1
908/01/1944 Chartres (#120) 42-31069 Little Moe Leon Stann Crew #1