Cloutier, Donald A. - Sgt

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Sgt Donald A. Cloutier flew 9 missions, from 08/25/1944, mission #133, to 09/30/1944, mission #151. He served as a Tail Gunner.

Sgt Cloutier served with the following crewman: 2nd Lt Herbert I. Corwin, 1st Lt Thomas A. Davis, S/Sgt Jack Dujmal, Sgt Patrick E. Dunne, S/Sgt Charles J. Dusenberry, S/Sgt John Jedziniak, 2nd Lt Henry A. Kaizarowski, 2nd Lt Spere Kapelas, 2nd Lt H. Kazorewski, S/Sgt Buddy N. Keith, Sgt Peter P. Keryran Jr., Sgt Peter P. Keyran Jr., S/Sgt Wallace G. Litterell, 1st Lt Louis H. Ludeman, Sgt Arch J. McCabe, 1st Lt Charles F. Meredith, 2nd Lt Morris M. Mohler, 2nd Lt Alan H. Newcomb, Sgt Arthur L. Pahl Jr., S/Sgt Max D. Stedman and 2nd Lt David F. Tomkins

Recorded Missions

108/25/1944 Peenemunde (#133) 42-31662 Fancy Nancy IV Morris M. Mohler Crew #1
208/26/1944 Terte/La Louvierre (#135) 42-102393 Diana Queen of the Chase Morris M. Mohler Crew #1
308/27/1944 Berlin (Recall) (#136) 42-107039 Ice Cold Katy Morris M. Mohler Crew #1
408/30/1944 Coubronne (#137) 42-97938 Twan-n-g-g-g Morris M. Mohler Crew #1
509/10/1944 Gaggenau (#141) 43-37628 Heavenly Body Morris M. Mohler Crew #1
609/11/1944 Merseburg (#142) 42-102957 Fearless Fosdick Morris M. Mohler Crew #1
709/17/1944 Groesbeck (#144) 42-39993 Hell's Angel Out of Chute 13 David F. Tomkins Crew #1
809/28/1944 Magdeburg (#150) 43-38267 Maximum Effort Thomas A. Davis Crew #1
909/30/1944 Munster (#151) 42-31077 Pakawalup II Thomas A. Davis Crew #1