Timm, Robert A. - Sgt[Wiki]

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Sgt Robert A. Timm flew 2 missions, from 04/17/1945, mission #251, to 04/18/1945, mission #252. He served as a Waist Gunner.

Sgt Timm served with the following crewman: 2nd Lt Eldon J. Cairns, Sgt Leonard C. Carlson, Sgt Norman B. Hall, 2nd Lt John E. Hedde, Sgt R.A. Hook, Sgt Jesse B. Lakota, 2nd Lt Dallas K. Rogers and 2nd Lt George A. Tallman

Recorded Missions

104/17/1945 Dresden (#251) 42-39993 Hell's Angel Out of Chute 13 Eldon J. Cairns Crew #1
204/18/1945 Traunstein (#252) 44-6506 Satisfaction Guaranteed Eldon J. Cairns Crew #1