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Sgt Weldon G. Martin flew 3 missions, from 01/05/1944, mission #12, to 01/29/1944, mission #17. He served as a Left Waist Gunner.

Sgt Martin served with the following crewman: Sgt Thomas E. Brennan, Sgt Lawrence R. Freeman, 2nd Lt William C. Frye Jr., 2nd Lt Edward L. Harris, Sgt Harley B. Kennemer, S/Sgt Patrick J. Powers, S/Sgt Harold M. Roak, 2nd Lt Harry E. Selby and 2nd Lt John Tannahill Jr,

Recorded Missions

101/05/1944 Tours (#12) (Unknown) John Tannahill Jr, Crew #1
201/14/1944 Gorenflos (#15) 42-40050 Channel Express III John Tannahill Jr, Crew #1
301/29/1944 Frankfurt (#17) 42-31486 John Tannahill Jr, Crew #1