Koontz, Charles G. - 2nd Lt[Wiki]

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2nd Lt Charles G. Koontz flew 3 missions, from 04/30/1944, mission #61, to 05/07/1944, mission #64. He served as a Bombardier.

2nd Lt Koontz served with the following crewman: 2nd Lt Browning G. Grimmett, 2nd Lt Raymond K. Haines, Sgt Roscoe C. Humphrey, S/Sgt Wilbur C. Lauer, 2nd Lt John R. Leach Jr., S/Sgt John W. Platt, Sgt William J. Slaughter, Sgt John Spiotti and Sgt Calvin E. Yeager

Recorded Missions

104/30/1944 Lyon/Bron (#61) 42-102393 Diana Queen of the Chase Browning G. Grimmett Crew #1
205/04/1944 Alkmar (#63) 42-31662 Fancy Nancy IV Browning G. Grimmett Crew #1
305/07/1944 Berlin (#64) 42-39943 Lassie Come Home Browning G. Grimmett Crew #1