Rose, Anthony F. - S/Sgt

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S/Sgt Anthony F. Rose flew 2 missions, from 05/07/1944, mission #64, to 05/08/1944, mission #65. He served as a Tail Gunner.

S/Sgt Rose served with the following crewman: S/Sgt Marshall T. Abraham, 2nd Lt Cyrus P. Bennett, S/Sgt Max H. Bergener, Sgt James P. Black, Capt Paul E. Campbell, Sgt Thomas B. Cole, S/Sgt Leonardo F. Davies, 2nd Lt Harold W. Dershimer, 1st Lt Lawrence E. Fitchett, S/Sgt Ralph A. Hannabury, S/Sgt Donald A. Hecker, 2nd Lt Wendell T. Johnson, 2nd Lt Dana M. Lenkeit, T/Sgt Jesse O. Pack, S/Sgt Bertram Parsloe, 2nd Lt Lawrence W. Pfeiffer, S/Sgt Edward J. Rice, 2nd Lt Luis T. Sanchez, S/Sgt Louis M. Sassi and S/Sgt Arthur Schair

Recorded Missions

105/07/1944 Berlin (#64) 42-3507 Duffy's Tavern Dana M. Lenkeit Crew #3
205/08/1944 Berlin (#65) 42-30855 Ol' Massa Dana M. Lenkeit Crew #4