Dershimer, Harold W. - 2nd Lt[Wiki]

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2nd Lt Harold W. Dershimer flew 9 missions, from 03/02/1944, mission #29, to 05/08/1944, mission #65. He served as a Bombardier.

2nd Lt Dershimer served with the following crewman: S/Sgt Marshall T. Abraham, Sgt James E. Bachler, 2nd Lt Cyrus P. Bennett, Sgt James P. Black, Sgt Thomas B. Cole, S/Sgt Leonardo F. Davies, S/Sgt Elmer M. Fetzer, T/Sgt Cecil B. Greer, 2nd Lt James J. Hannon, S/Sgt Donald A. Hecker, 1st Lt Lewis S. Jaffe, 2nd Lt Wendell T. Johnson, 2nd Lt Dana M. Lenkeit, 2nd Lt Alexander R. Livingstone, S/Sgt Alexander M. Martinelli, T/Sgt Elmer C. Munch, Sgt John H. Nicely, S/Sgt John P. O'Brien, T/Sgt Jesse O. Pack, S/Sgt Edward J. Rice, S/Sgt Anthony F. Rose and S/Sgt Arthur Schair

Recorded Missions

103/02/1944 Frankfurt (#29) (Unknown) Alexander R. Livingstone Crew #1
203/04/1944 Cologne (#31) (Unknown) Alexander R. Livingstone Crew #1
303/06/1944 Berlin/Templin (#32) (Unknown) Alexander R. Livingstone Crew #1
403/27/1944 Tours (#45) (Unknown) Alexander R. Livingstone Crew #1
504/09/1944 Marienburg (#47) (Unknown) Alexander R. Livingstone Crew #1
604/10/1944 Brussels (#48) (Unknown) Alexander R. Livingstone Crew #1
705/04/1944 Alkmar (#63) 42-31072 Betty J. Dana M. Lenkeit Crew #2
805/07/1944 Berlin (#64) 42-3507 Duffy's Tavern Dana M. Lenkeit Crew #3
905/08/1944 Berlin (#65) 42-30855 Ol' Massa Dana M. Lenkeit Crew #4