Fish, Melvin S. - 2nd Lt[Wiki]

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2nd Lt Melvin S. Fish flew 2 missions, from 08/16/1944, mission #130, to 08/24/1944, mission #132. He served as a Pilot.

2nd Lt Fish served with the following crewman: Cpl William R. Cook, 2nd Lt Eugene H. Cramer, 2nd Lt Frederick A. Craytor, S/Sgt Bernard K. Green, Sgt John W. Hanchak, 2nd Lt Leslie H. Hauss, Sgt James W. Huff, S/Sgt Donald L. Koons, 2nd Lt Kenneth D. Lucas, S/Sgt Lester D. Lyall, S/Sgt Dale C. Martz, T/Sgt Homer G. Murray, T/Sgt Donald F. Sears, Sgt Warren G. Smith, Sgt Melvin H. Warren and 2nd Lt Henry T. Watson

Recorded Missions

108/16/1944 Schkenditz (#130) 43-37736 Little Pedro Melvin S. Fish Crew #1
208/24/1944 Weimar (#132) 43-37511 Jill's Jalopy Melvin S. Fish Crew #1