Sterling pins..need some clarification...

By: Jackie (Sharp) Sheflin
On: 09/24/2006
I just opened a box (I am unpacking Dad's things and I came across 2 sterling pins.

The first is rather self explanatory I guess. It is a propeller in the middle of what appears to be leaves and has two small bars hanging from small chains below them. The first says Radio ooperator and the second says Radio Mechanic.

Can someone tell me where this was worn on a uniform? It is about 2 3/4 long overall.

The second pin is also sterling and for some reason was in the same box although they are not connected in any way.

This pin is also sterling and the bar holding the medallion says 'Member' and then the round medallion below it is rather odd. It says 'Rochester, NY' on the top and 'Standard Bearer' on the bottom. There is a man holding a flag on this medallion.

I am not even sure if it is a military pin or part of something else he belonged to. Can anyone help with this?